Learning Names

Currently learning the names of:


ATeeZ: 50% there

Exo: 40% there

  • Done: Kai, D.O.
  • Working on prononciation: Xiumin

Nu’est: 25% there

Done: Ren

Up10tion: 50% there

Done: Wei, Bitto, Kuhn, Hwanhee,, Xiao,
Working on pronunciation: Jinhoo (i always call him Jinho)
Kogyeol and Gyujin know the faces occasionally mixing up names
not there yet: Wooshin, Sunyoul (with blonde hair i recognize him otherwise i loose him)

UNB (still, i know): 30% there
Done: Euijin (obviously), Feeldog, Marco
Working on pronunciation:
Forgetting name: Kijong, Hansol
Not there yet: Daewon, Hojung, Jun, Chan

Golden Child

Done: Tag

In2it: 0% (not started)

AlphaBat: 0% (not started)

The Boyz: 0% (not started)

7 o’clock: 0% (not started)

UKISS: 0% (not started)

the percentage thingy is not like done mathematically or something proper