From the second i was introduced to Kpop i fell in love. It all started with a random autoplay journey through youtube, i ended up on a „Teens React“ Video where they reacted to the MV to „Dope“ by BTS. I saw parts of the MV and literally went: „OMG who and what is this?“ I entered the rabbit hole. For more than i month i listened to nothing else then BTS. After that i started to listen to more and more groups and now i am a very multifandom human.

To this day i still explore a lot and Kpop never ceased to amaze me with all it’s components.

Kpop as a genre is very very versatile from HipHop to Electro to Rock, Kpop pleases a lot of different tastes and still manages to let everything melt to something very unique. Even if you do not look at the language there is something very unique about the Kpop-Sound and i haven’t been able to really pinpoint it yet. I also very much like the mixture between rap and vocal parts.

Lyrics and Language:
Obviously i can’t write this for the whole genre BUT for the groups i listen to. I love the Korean language! Here i said it. I love how the Korean language sounds, with how much emotion it is spoken and i love how they draw a lot of pictures with their language. That is as far as i can judge, i read a lot of translations and i try to learn some basic Korean to get a better feel for the language and the messages the artists deliver.

I think this is the biggest difference to western music. MVs are very important in Kpop and get a lot of attention and big budgets spent on. Also the stages are very important. Most of the time there are a lot of visual elements underlining the message the artist is trying to get out.

Another thing that blew me away, i come from a world of pop-punk bands and being a retired Emo i didn’t spend a lot of time being confronted with dance. Choreographies are a big deal in Kpop and i am amazed over and over again what those humans can do with their bodies. So creative, so detailed and so in-sync no matter how big a group is. They obviously train very hard to achieve this, and for that it deserves to be acknowledged even more.

Yes, even fashion is a part of the Kpop universe. A lot of clothes that are seen on idols become a trend within a second. Kpop fashion is more advanced than what i am used to see on the streets, they are a trend factory and masters of both street style and very chic formal wear.