Yellow Wood: Side effects

Stray Kids recently had their comeback with their 4th EP Clé2: Yellow Wood. I am still not a music major so i would say the genre of the title track „Side Effects“ is EDM, like very electronic. On the first listen it is a lot to handle, especially if you watch the choreography with it. BUT the song and the choice of genre do make a lot of sense since it is simulating actually having side effects. Stray Kids often use the song to underline the lyrics or the general vibe of the song. You don’t have to like the song itself but please appreciate the whole thought-process behind it.

머리 아프다

I am not gonna try and explain all the theories i’ve come across, because i am not sure what i think atm. But we know that all the members of the Maknae Line seem to be playing a key role (quite literally when it comes to Hyunjin). Maybe one day i will be able to put my thoughts in order, so it will actually make sense but honestly coming up with theories and connecting everything takes a lot of time and smart brains. 머리 아프다 So atm i am just simply enjoying the brilliance behind „Side Effects“.

As much as i am not a music major, i am no dancing expert. BUT again i have to point out how much the choreography underlines the sing and the lyrics again. There are multiple parts where one members movements are controlled by others (so they have no control over their bodies -> Side effects). Also sometimes the movements seem uncontrolled (i am using this word because lack of an alternative in my limited vocabulary) as if they are not able to move how they would like to move – if that makes any sense).

if all the theories and connections are too much for you, please enjoy their behind the scenes video. It is all too precious! We have Minsung living in their own world, we have Seungjin being too sweet to actually fight and dramatic actor Bang Chan. Plus it is filmed with the softest lighting.

If we quickly wanna talk about the rest of the album: THEY INCLUDED THE MIXTAPES, i am so happy about this, in all honesty i couldn’t have asked for more! Also „Road not taken“! „Road Not Taken“ ended up being the intro song but it they talked about making RNT into the title track, so i guess that somewhere in 3racha land there is a long version. I just hope it will be released somewhen.

Then we have „TMT“, it is an abbreviation for too much thinking. Roughly spoken it is a song about overthinking and the effect overthinking can have. When you start to question every decision you made and in general just feel very unsure about the way you chose to walk.

All in all they once again blew me away with their whole approach to music. Chanie explained in his VLive, that they knew that not everyone is going to like „Side Effects“ but they chose to stay true to what they wanted to portray and bring across as a message. And honestly i think that is very admirable! They produce their music not simply for earning money or getting success but to tell a story and explain their message.

What are your thoughts on Clé 2: Yellow Wood? Let me know!

xoxo Rosie


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