Genderbending Idols

This has to be one of my favorite topics out there. I can’t not stop talking about human being not giving a f*ck about what a specific gender is allowed to wear or use or even like.

I personally may not be the top example of genderf*ck when it comes to my aesthetics or fashion preferences BUT i am hugely supporting that every human is allowed to enjoy whatever they want. Nothing knows a gender, no fashion piece, no tool, no accessory knows a gender. So i can not stop fangirling hardcore when i see humans defy assigned gender lines. Just to be clear i am not talking about male Idols put on a dress and act out over-girly performances. I am talking about serious statements, that are not part of a comedic act.

King Taemin – MakeUp

Basically I only would have to link one interview here and it is this one click here.
„His hair may be shorter now, but he’s owning the way he marries masculinity and feminity in his stunning performances.“ – allure

Beginning from the early SHINee days, Taemin wore long hair (looked freaking gorgeous imo). Long hair is still highly associated with female, that in my opinion makes zero sense btw.

„Once Taemin debuted three years later, he realized makeup is another way to convey the vibe of his concept and music. „As I utilized makeup, I found the increasing need to build my own artistic image,“ he says. „The synergy created from clothing, hair, and makeup combined is truly amazing, so makeup has been, is, and will be a key factor in establishing my identity as an artist.“ – Taemin for allure

I so much agree with every word Taemin says. Makeup is to play around with, on your canvas. Makeup can help a human building up an enormous amount of confidence, it offers endless possibilities to discover new faces or personas. That this world only should be open to one gender is pure non-sense.

As much as every gender is allowed to use Makeup, every gender is equally allowed not to use Makeup. As much as every gender is allowed to have long hair, every gender is equally allowed to cut them off.

Queen Amber Liu – Fashion

What the allure interview is for Taemin, i feel like this interview is for Amber click here
I wrote about how Makeup should be for everyone, i also think it is absolutely fine to not be interested in Makeup. Let us leave the Makeup talk tho for now, let’s talk clothing and fashion.

Amber for

Clothes have no gender. Done. I can’t wrap my mind around it how the way a fabric is sewn together or cut out can dictate which gender is allowed to put it on their body. The fabric surely does not care at all. I agree that maybe some cuts are better suited for certain body types but even that is highly individual.

Colors have no gender. Playing in kind of the same direction are colors. Who had the right to say this color is assigned to this gender. IT DOES NOT MAKE ANY SENSE. History even shows, that the colors assigned to a specific gender changed, so see the color still exists no matter which gender was supposed to wear it. Colors are just wavelengths absorbed or subtracted from white light, literally no connection to gender. (i mean yes of course they do in a social context but i mean like scientifically speaking they don’t).

Prince Ren – Marketing

I think Rens appearance is one of the most controversial in Kpop world. I saw a lot of comments when their debut trailer came out (with that i mean i did my research, i wasn’t around in kpop world back then) discussing if it is his own decision or „just“ a marketing strategy. Because obviously „breaking the rules“ grabs attention.

We are living in a world that lives off of labels, so obviously putting a label on something but having it looking like another label can be confusing (in general, i do not refer to Ren as „it“). So having a boy group member pulling of looks and poses that predominately are looked at as to be female can bring attention to a group.

I personally do not think that it was/is just a marketing strategy, since Ren stated he dressed like this since middle school (i am still looking for the source). Ren also looks very confident and comfortable in what he is wearing and how he is behaving. And even stood up to Coni and Doni on Weekly Idol, when he was 15 years old.

Lord Heechul – Behaviour

I’ve been scratching the surface only so far… Assigning looks and fashion-choices to a specific gender is one thing. Behavioral mannerisms are another. Gender typical behavior is something that has been around since centuries. I am not gonna dig in very deep because if i start i need a) loads more time and b) loads more space.


Heechul has a very flamboyant presence. He is not afraid to dance every girl group dance there is, he is not afraid to test peoples boundaries with touches and he likes to play around with all the rumors that surround him. It feels like he simply does not care if he is behaving the way gender norms dictate.

And to top it all of he had his on variety show called „Lipstick Prince“ where he talked about MakeUp with his guests.

Overlord Jiyong – Brand

G Dragon is fluid with everything he is, does or presents. I don’t think GD had the word boundaries in his vocabulary. He is above so many things, above so many rules of what to wear and how to act or which topics to write music about as a rapper. Jiyong is a living paradox, he changes so fast and pulls of so many duality concepts. He made „being a chameleon“ his brand.

G-Dragon and Park Soo Joo for Vogue Korea

There are many many more examples, trust me.

So i guess a lot of people are agreeing with me so far. I may have a bit of a unpopular opinion tho: i don’t think we need different genders at all.
I know lot of humans are defining themselves by the name of a gender (or more than one, wherever on the spectrum you are).
I am not saying this is wrong, absolutely not. I personally simply don’t like that we live in a society that needs so many labels (if it is sexuality or gender or food preferences). I would prefer a world without all those labels. I would prefer a world where every human could just the human they want to be, without having to put themselves into a box, and breaking out of that box again only to find a new box. I am aware that this is a very abstract concept, i mean i am not delusional and it would need a lot of time getting used to it. Humans are briefed to put things into categories. Again very personally i do not define myself over what my gender or my sexuality is. I do not think people get to know me if i tell them that i am a cis-female, they still do not have a clue who i am. Saying this i am not judging anyone who is defining themselves over their sexuality or gender!

Let me know what you think about the topic..

Love Rosie


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