2019 February Comebacks

February 1st: VIXX (fan song)

February 4th: Kim Hyunjoong (SS501) – full-length album – New Way

February 6th: IZ*ONE  (Japanese debut single)

February 7th: Loco (mini album), ONF (mini album)

February 8th: Hanhae (mini album)

February 11th: Taemin (mini album)TST (single album)

February 12th: ITZY (debut single album), Moti (PLT) (mini album)

February 13th: Dreamcatcher (mini album)Gfriend (Japanese single album) Pentagon (Japanese single album)

February 14th: VANNER (debut full-length album)

February 15th: Uk (24K) (mini album)

February 18th: MONSTA X (full-length album)

February 20th: Red Velvet (Japanese single album), Yesung (Japanese album), Yoon Jisung (debut mini album)

February 26th: SIK-K (full-length album)

February 27th: Boyfriend (Japanese full-length album)


As always there are rumored Comebacks and Releases like a digital single from Cross Gene (yes please) or a full album by Winner (They will have the Comeback for real but as far as i know they haven’t announced a date yet). Also rumored to have a Comeback are Holland (yeees please), Infinite (yes please), SF9 (yes please) and a member from Hotshot called Ha Sungwoon. Also also the Zico Comeback is still in the room as well.


This list will be updated! The pink colored ones are the ones i look forward to very much

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