Meet OneUs – the group of dorky visuals

If you rather listen to me talk about ONEUS, click here and you’ll be linked to the video. 

I hope the world will absolutely go crazy for my 6 boys of ONEUS (the name is pronounced as One Us). Pre-Debut they were known as RBW Boyz (Rainbow World Entertainement is their company). Some of the members where participants on Produce 101 (Keonhee, Seoho, Hwanwoong ) and/or Mixnine (Ravn, Seoho).

Before we get to know each member i actually have some general things so write about Oneus. They all are sweethearts, if you look at how long they have been spending time together they are very very close and not afraid to show that. They all are dorky and caring.

They also have a brother group called ONEWE (former known as MAS), with whom they are very close and sweet.

RAVN (pronounced like the english word raven)

My beautiful raven-haired Ravn.

Stage Name: Ravn (레이븐)
Real Name: Kim Youngjo (김영조)
Position: Main Rapper, Vocalist,
Birthday:  2 September, 1995

This tall puppy-eyed superhuman will soon show all of his amazing talents, i have so much faith in him not only in his performing and personality charms but he will be a great composer as well. Check out his SoundCloud account click here he has covers and originals songs on there. His cover of ‚Heartbeat‘ by Christopher is hauntingly beautiful.

Ravn is one of the two rappers in the group (not the one with the deep ass voice), Pre-debut he was rumored to be the leader (alongside with Hwangwoong). He was a Trainee in three other companies before staying at RBW and finding his group.

Ravn has a very sensitive, loving personality and doesn’t shy away from letting the other members know how much he cares.

SEOHO (pronounced like the London district ‚Soho‘ kinda)

My sunshine happy virus mochi

Stage Name: Seoho (서호)
Birth Name: Lee Seoho  (이서호) before legally changed, it was Lee Gunmin (이건민)
Position: Main Vocalist
Birthday: 7 June, 1996

Striking visuals meet the cutest and bubbliest personality mixed with absolutely slaying vocals. Seoho jumpstarted into my heart, faster than light. This boy is always smiling, literally always. I can’t imagine anyone not falling in love with Seoho.

He sings like an angel, very soulful and he has quite a bit of a range to use. Seoho is also pretty active and likes ball games (can’t relate to that tbh), and everything he does he seem to absolutely love.

LEEDO (pronounced like the ee-do)

Deep voiced boy who kills with his eye smile

Stage Name: Leedo (이도)
Real Name: Kim Geonhak (김건학)
Position: Rapper
Birthday: 26 July, 1997

Okay i have to get something off my chest, Leedo looks so much like a young version of BTOBs Hyunsik (or is it just me?). Moving on: Leedos voices will probably become one of my favorite Kpop voices in no time. His rapping voice is even lower than his speaking voice and the deepest version you get is when he is speaking english.

Leedo also has a very charming personality and smiles a lot. According to Xion Leedo, along with Seoho, is part of the more active and sportive members, he used to like working out a lot! He even carries around dumbbells while traveling. He is a great dancer too. And last but not least, boy can sing! He is another all round multi talent in the group.

KEONHEE (pronounced kinda like ‚Conny‘)

Insatiable scaredy-cat.

Stage Name: Keonhee (건희)
Real Name: Lee Keonhee (이건희)
Position: Main Vocalist
Birthday: 27 June, 1998

Food and sleep are the most important things to this tall creature. Literally do not leave him alone with your food if you want to eat it yourself. Xion named himself and Keonhee to be the biggest foodies in the group.

He is an artsy kid with a beautiful voice and the ability to play the piano. He likes art. Keonhee is also a meme king and very very funny. He is a pro when it comes to song guessing games.

Hwanwoong (pronounced Huanung)

Holds the group together with his teddy eyes

Stage Name: Hwanwoong (환웅)
Real Name: Yeo Hwanwoong (여환웅)
Position: Main Dancer, Vocalist
Birthday: 26 August, 1998

Hwanwoong is a fantastic dancer and choreographer. What stroke me first were his eyes, he looks like a cuddly teddy bear but he is fierce for days. His specialities are locking, wacking and street dancing, he can also play the guitar.

He is good with solving conflicts and tries to hold the group together. Woongie seems to be the more mature one of the group and he is absolutely well spoken and well mannered.

Xion (pronounced Shion)

Sweet innocent baby boy

Stage Name: Xion (시온)
Real Name: Son Dongju (손동주)
Position: Vocalist, Maknae
Birthday: 10 January, 2000

Xion has a twin brother called Dongmyeong (he is part of their brother group ONEWE). He is an absolute sweetheart and 100% innocent, don’t talk about anything even slightly sexual around him or he is gonna blush.

He has experience with being an MC and is said to be a good actor.

Who is your ONEUS bias?

I am Team Ravn but Seoho is a close second. And to be honest they are all very very lovable.

xoxo Rosie


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