Got7 Studio: Live Videos

If i had to pick, Got7 would definitely be under my top picks concerning MVs. I love the moods that they are creating so much. Their more recent MVs are all so very much aesthetically pleasing, it makes my heart jump. (do not get me wrong tho, ‚Bounce‘ and ‚My Swagger‘ are very high on my list too)
what i love even more are their Got7 Studio: Live Version. These are basically accoustic version of some of their song. Got7 somehow manage to release such a video to all of my most favorite songs.


‚Thank You‘ (written by lyric master Jinyoung) is one of my all-time favorite Got7 Songs. This version takes the depth of the song to another level. It feels so sincere and heartfelt. Call me biased but JB singing the first part of the chorus gives me chills and tears and a warm fuzzy feeling every time i am watching the video. Each and every member warms my heart while singing this song, you can feel they really mean what they are singing. I will never stop being amazed how much love Kpop groups in general give back to their fans, this isn’t Got7 only, even though this one feels extra special to me.

soooooo soft

How cute are Yugyeom and Mark in this one 

I couldn’t decide which version to link, so i just link both of them. The first one again is so very aesthetically pleasing and common the second one is a Christmas version and who doesn’t love that.

What strikes me most is how much more confident Yugyeom seems to be singing compared to ‚Thank You‘. Our Maknae is so hardworking. Jinyoung is so pleasing to watch: I feel like he has a very unique aura and everything he does, how he compose himself and how he speaks (and writes since we are talking about him anyway) feels so well put together. Big kuros to Jackson and Mark for singing (while being rappers).

And most recently we got blessed by yet another Got7 Studio: Live Version of ‚Take Me To You‘, another song that i love with all my heart. We have a even more confident Yugyeom, a blessing Youngjae (btw how cute is he always jamming out to the songs), a perfectly delivering Jinyoung, a soft Mark, deep-voiced BamBam, on point delivering Jackson. And JB. I AM FREAKING MELTING. I am such a sucker for JBs voice and style of singing.


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