2019 Goals

wow how is it 2019 already? Time is flying so fast.


I talk about my biggest goal over on youtube click here

The smaller goals i put in a list over here for you to enjoy.

  • Get Home:
    I am going to move first quarter of the year and i really hope i finally find a home and not just a place to stay.
  • Keep consistent with creating content on Youtube: 
    I so enjoy the whole youtube thing, i love to come up with video ideas, i love editing as nerve racking as it is sometimes and i love to build up a community with mutual interests.
  • Get back to blogging: 
    I used to blog so much and loved it. I miss writing so i just started again. I hope you enjoy so far.
  • Celebrate the little things: 
    I wanna make an effort in making the small things just a little bit more enjoyable. Having my morning coffee in cute cups for example. I always dreamed of an aesthetically pleasing daily life, and i guess things are more pleasing when you enjoy having and doing them.
  • Play around more with looks and MakeUp: 
    I am still on my way to finding myself and be brave enough to show the world who i found.
  • Learning Korean: 
    i’ve started this year, i am learning Korean with an App called „Memrise“ and with exposing myself a lot to Korean language (cough cough this might be just an excuse to watch a lot of K-Dramas and variety shows…) 화이팅

What are your goals for 2019?


xoxo Rosie


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