What I Wish For This Year

2018 has been one busy year, as i am reflecting and trying to put together some goals and focus points for the next year i can not help but think back. 2018 as crapy as it was at some points brought me great thing, and i am gonna talk about them in my Rewind Video and Blogpost.

What I Wish For This Year

My biggest wish honestly is for BTS to get some rest. The AOTY speech showed us a lot we didn’t really know was going on. They carry so much weight on their shoulders and i won’t them to be able to relax and breath. Obviously i am looking forward to new project but i rather have them slow down a bit than not being able to do anything anymore.

I wish for Hyojong and Hyuna to be able to bring out new music, and do the projects they want to do. If it is as a couple or as individual artist, i don’t mind either of the possibilities. I am happy to see them going strong on SNS pages but i wanna go see them going strong in the music business as well. Both of them are talented, hardworking artists.


I hope Got7 finally get the recognition they deserve in Korea. They are a talented, hardworking group with lots and lots of charms and energy.


I wish for the BigBang members to safely finish their enlistment and return healthily. I miss you all endlessly.

To all the BTOB, Highlight and Infinite members who are enlisting next year i wish a lot of strength, we will be here waiting for you!

I am wishing for new Astro music, i freaking miss my adorable babies.


For Stray Kids i wish from the bottom of my heart, that they will be able to keep the bond they have. To keep up the amazing work they show and proof to the world that they are worth every bit of success. And i wish for Channie to get a good night of sleep once in a while.


For myself personally i don’t wish for much. I am looking forward to next year because i know and trust that there will be many many great things waiting for me. I rather have my groups and idols be healthy and happy. And of course all my Lovelies here, on youtube and on Insta, have a merry Christmas.


xoxo Rosie


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