The „Park Jimin in Spring Day“ Look

Ever since i saw that MV i fell in love with Jimins Look. I mean he is absolutely stunning no matter what he wears. But the combination of pink hair and this baby blue jackets warms my heart. Pair that with his gorgeous smile and you hit perfection almost on the nail.


I found a Hoodie that looks pretty similar to his jacket and oh look my hair is pink so guess what i did… I know i am nowhere near Jimins level of beauty and i gave it my own twist because i absolutely can not pull of shorts.

I still put on a stripy shirt, because i absolutely love stripy shirts, for my bottom i just covered it with black tights because that is my thing.


For shoes i chose my trusty black creepers. And for a cute little detail i put on my cute white socks.

xoxo Rosie


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